Many of the places mentioned the Kishkindhaa Kaandam of Raamaayanam are found in the area. Pampa Sarovara where Raamaa met old woman Shabari who adviced him to seek Hanuman is north of the river Thungabhadhra. A short walk from there is the Rishyamukha hills where Hanuman is said to have met Rama for the very first time. Anjanadhri hill that is believed to be birth place of Hanuman is also set to the north of the river. Other places mentioned in the epic such as Mathunga hill, Sugreeva’s cave, and Malyavantha hill are all located in the vicinity.

Kishkindhaa is the monkey (Vanara) kingdom of the Vanara King Sugreevan the younger brother of Vaali, in the Indian theology of Raamaayanam times. This was the kingdom where he ruled with the assistance of his friend, Hanuman.

This kingdom is identified to be the regions around the Thungabhadhra river (then known as Pampa Saras) near Hampi and belongs to Koppal district, Karnataka. The mountain near to the river with the name Rishimukha where Sugreevan lived with Hanuman, during the period of his exile also is found with the same name.

The monkey kingdom, Kishkindhaa, is portrayed as the region around Hampi. Anjeyanadhri Hill is an interesting destination to explore in Hampi . Anjaneya Hill, located across the river Thungabhadhra, is believed to be the birth place of Hanuman the monkey god of Hindus. It is located at a distance of about 5 km from the historical site of Hampi. Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjeneya. Hence, the hill has been given the name of Anjeyanadhri. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman on top of the hill and another enclosure dedicated to Aanjana, Hanuman’s mother.

                    King of Monkey Hanuman temple Hampi

A cool breeze helps visitors in their climb. But the main attraction is the view of the surrounding that the hill offers. The sight of the valley and the Thungabhadhra River flowing below offers a mesmerizing sight.

Anjeyanadhri Hill is surrounded by lovely plantain and paddy fields. There are more than 550 steps to reach the summit of the hill. Though the climb involves a large number of steps, it is quite safe to ascent the hill due to the presence of the stone stairs.

                 The Hanuman temple with its 576 steps and countless monkeys.

The temple is a white-washed structure. The roof has a pyramid structure with a small red dome at the top. A red flag flutters in the air and is easily visible from a far-off distance.

Raamaa and Lakshmana , reaches Hampi in search of his lost wife Seethaa. Hanuman, the general of the monkey king Sugreevan mistook them for spies from the rebel kin of Sugreevan. On hearing their story Hanuman brings them to Sugreevan. He eventually takes them to a cave and shown them a set of jewels. Rama recognizes them as that of his wife Sita. Sugreevan explains them that Seethaa dropped them at this site when the demon king Raavanan (of Lanka) abducted her on his flying chariot.

Later Raamaa kills Vaali, the rebellious brother of Sugreevan and installs Sugreevan as the undisputed king of the monkey kingdom.

Probably Hampi has much more icons of Hanuman than any other gods. Rishimukha Hills where Hanuman met Rama & Lakshmana is a hermitage. The cave where Sugreevan supposedly hide the fallen jewels is on the way to Vitthala temple via the riverside ruins.

                             Hampi is also prime BANANA Land, yet another connection to the universe of monkeys

Temples are generously carved with mythical themes of the monkey’s kingdom, the images of monkeys are splendidly carved on the walls and pillars of the temples of Hampi.

    Hanuman                     Vaali and Sugreevan


Really a Happy visit  to Hampi – a  Kishkindhaa Kingdom of Raamaayanam Period 



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