Smti. RaamaChandraa Ammaal

             Thirumathi Chandra Ammaal was the owner of the 'Thangam Tin Factories & Industries', VirudhuNagar, and wife of Thiru Rathinasamy Naadaar. She had four boys and four girls. Her second son was a student of my father when we were in VirudhuNagar during 1964 - 1974.

             Though I have two grandmas I really got the real grandma’s affection from her only. I called her as ‘Aachchi’ (meaning grandma). Though she was not my blood relation I cannot forget her true fond of love and kindness.

             Though she was lived in our same street in VirudhuNagar and she had a relationship as a neighbour with my mother she showed a special interest on me and showered her full affection and care on me and gave much more importance to me like my own grandma.

             When I come back from my school in the evening, she was waiting for me in her gate and took me inside her house to eat my favourite dishes that she prepared for me.

             She always liked me to take me out with her family more than her own grand children on the special occasions at her own care with my parents’ permission.

             She had showed me the special interest and scolded me with soft words and guided me correctly for not repeating the same mistakes whenever I do the wrong things. I brought up with her great encouragement and supporting words and special advices.

             She only educated & trained me
How to eat?
How to take care of others?
How to handle the household works?
How to manage the house works?
How to take care of the little kids?
             She always stood by my side and supported me only on my side.

             I was her real pet grandchild, though she had a number of grand boys and girls, more than 12 in each. I was one among their family. Wherever she went, she never forgot to buy something for me. Even when we shifted to Rajapalayam, and then to Kumbakonam, she came to see me and often sent me whatever she bought for me through her family members.

             She wrote a letter for me at least thrice a week. I also replied with the help of my mother, when we were in other places.

             After a long duration, when we met in 2002 in her house, we both started crying spontaneously for a long time without saying any words. That time, I came to know that she was always thinking about me, as I was.

             I could say no one in the world could have enjoyed such a kind of true bond of fondled feelings.

             I Respect ‘Aachi’ more than anybody else;
             Even now, I am doing my household works as per her advice;
             I can never forget her true affectionate words that only are helping me in my day to day life.

             At this state of my position,
             I want to offer my kind tributes to
             My ‘Aachi’ through this medium.    -    Dr. R. Niranjchana Devi