Shri R.V.Ramasamy Naadaar & Smt.Kalyani Ammaal

             Shri R.V Ramasamy Naadaar, who was a Rich Land Lord & Great Business man, was the paternal Grandfather of Dr.R.Niranjchana Devi, who was born in 1889 in Pudhukkudiyiruppu, of Kanniyakumari district, and had his elementary education there. When his father, Sri R.Velayudhap Perumal naadar shifted his family to Panagudi of Thirunelveli District in the later year of the century, he started his trading and became a leading merchant. He had two concerns for his wholesale and retail tradings, for which he had branch office at Kottar in Nagerkoyil.

             He was the eldest of his family, and married Kalyani Ammaal of Achchampaadu, near Thisayanvilai. He had four brothers and two sisters and when all of them got married, they all, including the two married sisters, were accommodated in houses of the same street, so that the whole street belonged to the entire family of brothers and sisters. The mode of life led by the brothers and sisters was seen wondrous and at the same time, envious to the people of the village.

             Being a Landlord, Shri R.V.RamaSamy Naadaar, having groves of coconut and Palmyra trees apart from the paddy fields, he had dry lands also, where other crops such as sesame seeds, ground nuts, black gram, raghi were all raised. He was so leading in his agricultural activities that he supplied food grains to the surrounding people for about six months during 1945 world war time, when a severe drought was felt everywhere, making the availability of food grains very dear.

             "Rearing a cow was regarded as a merit for one who reared" and Sri R.V.Ramasamy Naadaar, besides his business and agricultural activities, reared more than hundred cows, which were fed by grazing in the nearby Mahendhragiri Mountain. Only a small quantity of milk was milked from the newly calved cows to fulfill the household needs, leaving the rest of the milk to feed the calves, and milk was never sold. It was esteemed as a meritorious deed, adding more honors to the family.

             He was very modest and just in his character, which made him a leading member of the village Panchayat court. He had four sons, including Prof.R.Ramakrishnan, (father of Dr R Niranjchana Devi), and seven daughters, all of whom were married and well placed in life. Sri R.V. Ramasamy Naadaar, after enjoying a perfect life, completed his life on November 19, 1979 on his ninetieth year.