We have ongoing research programs in the areas of techno graphic sciences.

             This Organization has been set up especially for the cause of generation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Indology. The Organization desires to accomplish this, by establishing itself within a few years as a centre of excellence, conducting high-level research.

             New research projects will be undertaken as and when the proposals sent to funding organizations are sanctioned. There has been widespread concern that the enormous storehouse of scientific data is not being put to sufficient use both in scientific research as well as in economic and Historical activity. The main reason appears to be problems in gaining access to these data. Historical data will be first taken up to be followed up by data on other areas like medicine, agriculture, irrigation, water management, nutrition, and public health. to come out of the Colonial concept of Indology and expand its scope from its usually understood content of Thamil studies, ancient Indian religion, philosophy, art, literature and culture. A Techno graphic study of Indian civilization from prehistoric times to the present day. This would include, besides the traditional subjects, dimensions of anthropology, society, economy, politics, law and legal institutions, science and technology, health and hygiene, regional cultures, trans-regional and trans-national contacts, as well as studies in the spread of Indian cultural ideas to other countries and comparative studies with other civilizations. The objective is to develop a better understanding of the dynamics and significance of the Indian civilization as it happens to be one of the few enduring experiments in the long civilization process of mankind.

             Books on Thamil Science & culture based on Thamil literature and Historical evidences like epigraphical & archaeological sources are also to be brought out in English.
On Going Research Projects
      1. Knowledge of Library Science
      2. Information & Communication Technology
      3. Art of Surgical Science
      4. Agricultural Science
      5. Archaeology & AayurVedhic Science
      6. Nutrition & Dieteic Science
      7. Utility of Water Science
      8. An Oil Science - 'Sesame'
      9. Cooking Science & Technology
      10. Delicious Nutritious Dishes
      11. Cosmetic Science & Technology
      12. Herbal science
      13. Spiritual Science
      14. Medicine & Computer Science
      15. Science & Technology from Thamil Film Songs