Shri.K.S.Thangavel Naadaar & Smt.Thanga Naayagi Ammaal.

             Shri.K.S.Thangavel Naadaar, F.S.S.A., F.B.S.A., F.I.C.A., and F.C.A (London) the maternal grand father of Dr.R.Niranjchana Devi, was born on 1905 in a small village, near Thiruchendhoor. Being brought up under the Brahminical tradition, he adopted the vegetarian way of life throughout his life. He graduated for the B.Com Degree course and got through a number of Diploma courses in Accountancy and Auditing, such as, F.S.S.A., F.B.S.A., F.I.C.A., and F.C.A (London). Mean time, he practiced also the art of ‘Silambam' (art of using quarterstaff) and became an expert in the art.

             Shri. K.S.Thangavel Naadaar married Thanga Naayagi Ammaal, daughter of the Village Munsif Sri.A.Ramasamy Aadhitthan of Naduvakkurichchi Village, who is a very pious and cultured housewife. She was well-known for her generosity and charitable deeds, that a number of visitors and strangers used to visit their house daily, whom she never failed to receive with kind hospitality and fed with sumptuous food, for which food was always cooked in a large vessels to feed such unexpected visitors and strangers and thus she was meritorious to everybody throughout her life. Their eldest daughter, Baby Sundhara Padmini (Mother of Dr. R. Niranjchana Devi), also brought up in the same lifehood character.

             Shri.K.S.Thangavel Naadaar went to Burma in 1933, where he was absorbed in the Accountant General Office in Rangoon. His sincerity and efficiency in the work uplifted him to the level of Chief Auditor of Inland water Transport Department and then to the level of Account General of Burma.

             Their eldest daughter, Baby Sundhara Padmini (Mother of Dr. R. Niranjchana Devi), had her Childhood education in Rangoon until the Second World War broke out, when he had to leave his family in his native place.

             Shri K.S.ThangaVel Naadaar owned cultivable land of more than 50 acres, where all varieties of grains and paddy were grown up. A portion of the land was full of tamarind trees, producing bulk amount of tamarind every year. All the cultivable products were sent as shares to their 10 children (including Dr.R.NiranjchanaDevi's mother Mrs.Sundhara Padmini) and vast members of the great family of nearly 50 numbers, till 1980s.

             When Burma was devasted in the war, he renewed the deranged official machinery of the Accountant General Office and restored its eminence, for which he was honored by the Burma Government. He returned to India in 1957 and served as Accounts Officer in the National Coal Development Corporation of India in Ranchi for some time and completed his life on March 3, 1965.