The term ‘technography', as defined by the Webster's Revised Dictionary of 1913, refers to the description and study of Arts and Sciences in their geographical and ethnical distribution and historical development. It is the inscription of culture in technology. Currently, as defined by the Universal Deluxe Dictionary, it is the study of arts and sciences in their varied stages of development.

             The most and best uses of Technography involve collection of materials relating to the art or science concerned, and manipulating those collected materials to display either on
            computer monitors or
            projection screens or
after carefully scrutinizing and editing those collected materials, to get them published in printed form.
Technographic Research

             Technographic research is the research work on various topics in the form of technographical analysis.

             The UTRO methodological research involves looking deep into the heart of the ancient knowledge systems to gain a strong understanding of their workings and rationalism. The understanding and knowledge so gained will then be leveraged to develop solutions that are practical and feasible in today's context.

             Even today, it is a fact, that in very many crucial and basic sectors, the vast majority of the Indian population is sustained by the knowledge, skills and material resources of the traditional sector.

"Research  for  Perceiving  rare  significance  is  wisdom"